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Battery Centre’s commitment to the environment

Recycling is an extremely important consideration for Battery Centre, not only for the recovery of valuable materials, but also for the on-going protection of the environment.
Automotive battery components, which include lead, plastic and acid are harmful to our environment if they are not properly treated. Fortunately, most of the components of these batteries are well suited to recycling.

Battery Centre’s parent company, First National Battery, established a recycling facility in Benoni some years ago to  reduce the risk of polluting our environment, prevent waste and to control the quality of lead being used to create new batteries. This recycling facility includes a battery breaker, an effluent plant that treats the acid, a lead smelter, a blending kettle to produce specialised alloys and scrubbers to control environmental emissions. Recently a plastic reprocessing plant has been commissioned, thereby completing the entire reprocessing cycle.

A key concern in SA is the importation of lead acid batteries by organisations (or businesses) that do not have any recycling measures in place. Unlike local manufacturers, these importers do not share the same sense of responsibility to protect the local environment. As a result, First National Battery actively looks for scrap lead acid batteries, not just their own, to recycle