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427 King Dinuzulu Road South, Berea, Durban, 4001 031 202 9409 \ 031 202 9087

Our Company

Established in 2007 Battery Fundi has many years of experience in the battery industry - we pride ourselves in providing service excellence and customer satisfaction. We work closely with our Franchisor to offer you the best quality products and solutions. Battery Centre Berea has a BEE certificate and is a level four contributor, with a procurement recognition level of 100%.



Our supplier/Franchisor is a leading global battery manufacturer (First National Battery a member of the Metair Group) with manufacturing interests and plants in Europe and China and prides itself in being at the very forefront of the latest battery technology. First National Battery is the only local battery manufacturer to supply OE batteries to the local vehicle assemblers and manufacturers.

Our People

We employ experienced and trained operators with years of knowledge and experience.

Services Offered/Products supplied

Free battery checks, service and testing at our centre. Our battery specialists will check your existing car battery completely free of charge. We will provide expert advice on the best options available for your specific needs. We will then replace and fit the new battery quickly and efficiently – making sure you can get back on the road in the shortest possible time. We also go out and fit batteries at your premises or breakdown area.